Celebrating 25 Years of EQ7!


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  1. Rita J. White says:

    I like to make my on design and I think andover fabics are great. and beautiful colors.

  2. Mary Williams says:

    I think the contests are great.

    • Charlotte says:

      Just the type of ingihst we need to fire up the debate.

    • Hope you feel better soon. I’m down with my second chest cold of the winter. Despite the cold and medicine, you managed to write coherently about this book and have gotten me very interested (or else, because I’m sick and medicated, I’m just on the same wavelength as you “-)!)

    • Richard dit :Bonjour je constate que le fait d’être élue ne donne en encun cas un pouvoir d’influence sur les décisions (sauf si on a la majorité). Les systhèmes que tous les politiques ont mis en place se calque afin de pas permettre aux petites formations d’exister

    • “names of liberal columnists/pundits who stood up to tide …”The only mainstream voices I can think of are Paul Krugman and Frank Rich. I don’t remember Krugman pushing it very hard, perhaps because his beat is more economics. Frank Rich was only the NYT’s TV critic at the time. Maybe Roger Cohen too?(It’s important to remember that the critical period was 2002 and early 2003, when the big PR campaign was coming out of the White House Iraq Group. By the time the bombing had started, the war party had already achieved 99% of its aim.)

    • U hv reminded me to cast my 2 nd vote. I had waited fir rsp to reply about whether I m eligible. When they replied I just did not get around doing it. Btw just to let u know, last mon I used their website to buy, n I had so much prob going through their awful procedures. So I end up calling them really pisses. U can actually buy via email n they send to me using poslaju. Tues they process I got the moulds n other stuffs by thurs. Pretty good. Nee.

    • Feb27Jose B court McGee,demian maia,clay guida,anthony pettis,and matt serra i love these fighters but i havent seen them fight in a while or been wanting to see them fight.

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