Little House Table Runner Tutorial

table-runner-22Our friends over at Little House on the Prairie have an adorable tutorial over on their blog about making a holiday table runner with our newest collection. This quick and easy tutorial is the perfect gift for the Little House fan in your life. Click here to get started.
The site is always being updated with new tutorials. To check out the full list, click here.
And don’t forget to enter the amazing Little House on the Prairie giveaway by clicking here.
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Fall ’15 Quilt Market Recap

Our designers made our booth more beautiful than ever at Fall 2015 Quilt Market!


Our booth at this year’s Fall Quilt Market was our best yet! With new lines from everyone from Lizzy House and Alison Glass to Di Ford and Margo Krager, the booth was more beautiful and diverse than ever before. At our designer meet and greet, Lizzy House, Kim Schaefer, Carol Van Zandt, Margo Krager, Alison Glass, Renee Nanneman, Katie Hennagir, and Michelle Stoffel (of Firetrail Designs) talked about their newest lines.


Our designers showcased beautiful projects made from their latest collections. Firetrail Designs had an adorable assortment of projects made with #babychic.




Lizzy House enchanted with her new collection The Lovely Hunt, featuring whimsical unicorns, bunnies, and pheasants.

350 413

We are totally smitten with these elephants made with Carol Van Zandt’s Improv.


The details of Di Ford-Hall’s incredible applique quilt were so delicate and beautiful. This quilt was a real show-stopper.


Lonni Rossi’s deeply saturated Geishas and Ginkgos featured so many stunning projects. Printed on our chambray, the sheen of this line is spectacular!




Alison Glass’ Sun Prints and Handcrafted Indigoes shined when sewn together with her crisp Abacus collection. The color-play was, as always, spectacular.


The projects for Kim Schaefer’s Cutting Garden were colorful, bright, and cheery.


Modern Quilt Studio’s booth featured projects using many of their lines, including Barbados, The Color Collection, and their latest group, The Gray Collection.


Renee Nanneman’s beautiful Tender Romance features elegant reds, pinks, and creams.


Margo’s Mignonettes and Dargate Polychromes were strinkingly beautiful in Margo Krager’s booth.


We have so many amazing collections hitting stores in the next few months and we absolutely cannot wait to see all the amazing projects that you’ll create with them!

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Are You Ready for LHOTP – Shipping to stores this week!

Little House on the Prairie was the talk of Quilt Market!

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320We had quite an exciting week at Quilt Market in Houston! The buzz around the release of our Little House on the Prairie collection was palpable. Between our star-studded Premier Schoolhouse and the meet and greet with members of the cast, the word on everyone’s lips was Andover!



The Premier Schoolhouse for Little House on the Prairie was a smash. It was standing room only with over 1,300 excited guests! In attendance were Charlotte Stewart (who played Miss Beadle) and Alison Arngrim (who played Nellie Oleson). The actresses couldn’t have been more engaging and charming. They entertained the crowd, regaling stories from their time on Little House on the Prairie.


Also in attendance were Trip Friendly and Rebecca Friendly, son and granddaughter of Ed Friendly who produced the famed television show. They attended the Premier Schoolhouse, as well as our meet and greet at the Andover booth.

326 339

If we weren’t excited about the release of our Little House on the Prairie collection before, we certainly are after meeting the actresses and having heard their stories from the set. We cannot wait for the collection to start shipping to stores this week!


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Guest Poster Alyson Clair talks Lizzy House

Greetings from rainy Portland, Oregon! I’m Alyson Clair, a patternmaker, dressmaker, and apparel nerd. Over the last few months my pal Lauren, from Spit Up & Stilettos, and I have had a great time making some kiddo versions of my most popular Women’s dress designs.

We’ve also had a lot of fun using the new Lizzy House knits line from Andover Fabrics to make our pretty dresses out of. I pretty much only sew with knits, so it’s always fantastic to find a nice quality fabric to sew with, that is also super wearable and fun.

I know that knits can often be a challenging new thing, especially if you are used to sewing with wovens. In classes I teach, I always tell new knit sewers that if I can sew with knits, so can you! I actually didn’t even learn to sew anything at all until I was 22, and in college for apparel design. I spent the first year and a half of my program cursing at wovens, and having a seam ripper pretty much attached to my hand. (We won’t talk about the home economics portion of my middle school that ended in some stapling of an apron project.)

Once I sat down at a serger and a coverstitch, it was a match made in heaven and I have pretty much been sewing with knits exclusively for the last 10 years. In the dresses that I make, I want to look pretty, fancy, and put together, but comfort is also one of the top things. When I look at my wardrobe, my go to things are all knit, so I strive to create things that are well loved every day garments.

We’ve put together a selection of 3 dresses and one Mommy and Me top. It was hard to pick which ones, but I knew I had to for sure do my best selling ladies style – The Unicorn Dress. I do love unicorns, but it really does seem to look good on everyone, which is what earned it the name. So of course we make a super adorable version for the kiddos!
Unicorn Dress Cover
Unicorn Dress 1Unicorn Dress 2
Unicorn Dress 3
The other two dresses we put together have a lot of options for variety and color blocking. The Peplum Dress and the Tie Back Dress.

Peplum Dress CoverPeplum Dress 1 Peplum Dress 2


Tie Back Dress

Tie Back Dress 1 Tie Back Dress 2Tie Back Dress 3

The Trapeze top is a Mommy and Me style. The Mommy top can be worn through pregnancy and postpartum. I have carefully drafted the pattern to be flattering at all stages of baby and after. The kiddo version is a top that is great for play and twirling in. Make matching if you’d like, or add a belt for more outfit variety.
Trapeze Top Trapeze Top Women

The other really exciting thing going on, is the Great Giveaway. Yes, it really is a GREAT giveaway. 20 winners will be given full pattern sets of Alyson Clair Patterns, 10 winners will receive a 5 yard fabric bundle from the new Lizzy House line for Andover Fabrics, and one grand prize winner will receive a Brother 1034D serger. This giveaway is open internationally, so enter away until September 30th and good luck!

To enter just click the image below:
great give away!

While we were working on and planning this release, I really got to thinking about my starting to sew with knits. It was hard. It was intimidating. Threading a serger was a daunting task. What helped me learn was a trusty machine, that was easy to learn on, and had a lot of variety for the things I was sewing. It would be the best gift to a new or seasoned knits sewist, so we decided to make it the grand prize.

If you don’t have a serger, do not worry! We made sure all the patterns could be sewn on your regular machine. Happy Sewing from a knits nerd!
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Machine Quilting with Style by Christa Watson

Posted by @giucy_giuce

When I make a quilt, the actual quilting is often an afterthought. I do it out of necessity, not out of love. This is mostly due to the fact that machine quilting is incredibly intimidating to me. I’ve sewn my whole life but the actual process of quilting is fairly new to me.Christa 2

Upon going through Christa Watson’s new book Machine Quilting With Style, the first thing that struck me is how easy the techniques in the book seem to be. This is not to say that the book is simplistic. That’s hardly the case. The patterns and techniques in the book are quite sophisticated, classic and modern all at once. The reason the quilting techniques in the book seem so possible is because of how deftly Christa instructs the reader. She is careful and precise, meticulous but not overwhelmingly so. She is just really good and explaining how it’s done in a very efficient way.

The book really does make you feel like machine quilting is within your grasp. Some of the quilting motifs are just darn clever. I particularly enjoyed Christa’s use of straight line quilting. It shows up a few times throughout the book and each time it is incredibly different and surprising.

The book isn’t just a book on machine quilting techniques. It also showcases 12 quilt patterns, each one more lovely than the last. The thing that I really appreciate about these quilts is that there are endless possibilities for each one. The fabrics chosen for many of them could be changed a million different ways to transform the project. I think that that’s the hallmark of a great pattern, the ability to transform the look just based on the prints used within the quilt. I’m particularly fond of Pearl Gray, shown below [photo credit: Brent Kane]. It uses Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelets very cleverly. They break up the rigid blocks so beautifully.

Finals B1324.indd

I really enjoyed this book. It has opened my mind to new possibilities in quilting. I think that with my next project I’ll be able to come at quilting with a bit more courage having read this book.

And now for some more fun…

Christa is planning a quilt-along this January and needs your help deciding which quilt to make. Which would you choose? Click here for the chance to vote for your favorite.

And now… A GIVEAWAY! Want to win your very own copy of Machine Quilting With Style, a limited edition Alison Glass tote, and a 10”x 10” stack of Lizzy House’s Mini Pearl Bracelets? Head on over to our Instagram page for a chance to win!

Christa Giveaway

Be sure to check the full schedule of Christa’s blog hop here to see all the amazing projects people have created from the book as well as additional giveaways! And most importantly of all… Go buy the book! Click here to buy your SIGNED copy today.

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Little House on the Prairie Preview



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When Laura Ingalls Wilder published the first of her Little House on the Prairie books in 1932, a touchstone of American tradition was born. Decades later, it became a defining TV show for countless Americans.

It also inspired new generations to learn to quilt.
WebBanner_729_EditWith Little House on the Prairie, we got back to our roots, and began to find our passion for quilting. Even today, we still quilt with fabrics and patterns inspired by the frontier lifestyle. These fabrics are a cornerstone in the world of quilting, and are uniquely American in their style.

Scenics and Icons


Inspired by the illustrations found in the novels, this collection features the iconic imagery that resonates throughout Little House on the Prairie. The running girl, the wagon, the little house, and the majestic scenery are all here. This natural finish fabric pays homage to rustic roots of the story.

Prairie Flowers


The quilts of Little House on the Prairie featured bold, bright prints that gave the show its life and color. Our Prairie Flowers collection is a rainbow wave of gorgeous calicos, inspired by the quilts that inspired us from the show.

Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove_Edit

Named for the town in Minnesota where Laura’s family settled in 1874, our Walnut Grove collection features prints from the era that their quilts would have been made from. The rich, sophisticated hues in this collection beautifully capture the fabric of the time.

We are so excited for the launch of this versatile collection. We cannot wait to see the beautiful quilts, garments, and accessories you all create. As always, be sure to let us see your projects through social media by tagging Andover Fabrics in your posts and hastagging your photos with #lhotpfabric.

Happy sewing!



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Dot Dot Dot: The “How Giucy_Giuce Got a Job at Andover Fabrics” Story

cover 1Have you ever downloaded an app to your phone and thought to yourself that it could change your life? Me neither. But funnily enough, that’s what happened to me when I joined Instagram. Little did I know that when installing that silly little picture app on my phone I would set into motion a path that would lead me to the desk I sit at now of a company in midtown Manhattan called Andover Fabrics.

It’s sort of funny to think about, isn’t it? How did you get to where you are? I think about this sort of thing all the time. Connecting the dots of all the seemingly innocuous little events in my life, waiting patiently for them to culminate to something greater.

A dot for posting your first fabric picture on Instagram. Another dot for seeing that quilters are starting to take notice of your work. Another for a company sending you a box of fabric to play with. Another for your work hanging in a booth at Quilt Market and yet another for that quilt being on the cover of a magazine. That leads to a dot where the fabric company invites you to work at Quilt Market. Then you get to add another dot for meeting all these amazing designers whose fabric you have worked with for years.

And then there is a really, really big dot. A red one, shiny and perfectly round with this lowercase A in it. This dot is for when Andover Fabrics invites you to work for them.

photo 1Three years of dots have led me to the desk I share with my new boss and friend Daryl Cohen. In the other room my team is discussing shipments and fabric lines. Outside the window of my 15th floor office I can faintly hear the sounds of Manhattan bustling beneath me.

It’s all a bit surreal to me still. I keep having these moments where I’m organizing fabric and I say to myself, “You’re getting paid to do this.” I feel lucky, but I also know I have worked very hard to get to where I am. There really isn’t a company or people I would rather be working for. I found my dream job, you guys!

So the next time you are wondering if you should download that app, just do it. You never know just what could happen when you do.

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Bags for Every Use: Guest Post from Annie at

Greetings from Annie at! I am the creator of ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable and also write patterns for useful bags and sell hardware and zippers to finish your creations. You can find me on Facebook at Patterns by Annie and or at my website,

In preparation for Spring Market, I needed to make lots of samples of new patterns. Luckily, with all the beautiful fabrics from Andover, it wasn’t hard for inspiration to strike!

First off is the too-cute Forest Friends by Makower UK. Foxes and other woodland creatures are all the rage right now, and this fabric fit in perfectly with my outdoor-themed patterns. Potluck Pals offers a sheltered container for taking casseroles and pies to your next potluck. These carriers keep a 9″ x 13″ casserole pan or 10″ pie handy, fresh, and secure.  Features include an easy-to-grab handle, zippered enclosures, and interior mesh pockets for holding ice packs or serving utensils.


Picnic in the Park holds everything you need for a picnic. The lid zips open fully for easy access to the interior. An abundance of mesh and slip pockets keep everything organized. Picnic in the Park is extra roomy to hold plates, cups, utensils, a tablecloth, beverages, food and more.


Doesn’t that fun tree fabric just make you want to run to a park and climb a tree?


When I got to a big quilt show in Portland last summer without the key to my cash box or my Square readers, I knew that my next sewing project needed to be an all-in-one-place organizer for cords, chargers, iPad, cash box key, scanner, and other electronic gear.

 Now traveling with electronics is easy with my new Power Trip! This handy organizer features an outer pocket (a perfect spot for that cash box key!) and easy-grab padded handle. Inside are zippered pockets and divided mesh pockets on both sides. Ex Libris by Alison Glass really makes this bag pop.


Perhaps the most beautiful way the ExLibris fabric was used was in this Daytripper 2.0. I love how the simplicity of the bag showcases this beautiful focus fabric. Daytripper 2.0 is a cinch to make, too, making it a quick and easy project for a beginner.


Thanks for reading along! Now, which bag is your favorite?

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Introducing: Little House On The Prairie

lh_logo_04Please SHARE the news: Little House on the Prairie is coming to Andover Fabrics!

Stay tuned to see the premier Little House on the Prairie collection, featuring designs inspired by illustrations from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s novels, florals of the time period, and the TV series, which became a touchstone of our American identity.

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Up With Giuseppe Ribaudo – As Seen On Generation Q

UP-GR-Andover-booth-460x613Sometimes while we’re strolling the aisles of Quilt Market, a quilt captures our attention that we.just.must.have. And it’s even sweeter when we can leave Quilt Market with said quilt. Walking by the Andover booth at Fall Market 2014, this quilt said, “take me home, c’mon I double dog dare ya!”Up, designed and made by Giuseppe Ribaudo is that quilt.

Here it is pictured in the Andover Fabrics booth among other quilts, totes and bags made with Alison Glass’ Handcrafted line. (Sorry, Q-bies, we have the pattern for Up in our March-April issue, but not all the rest of this gorgeousness).

Because we’re a bit nosy, we asked Guiseppe to tell us a little bit about his design process. Here’s what he shared:


The prints in Alison Glass’ work are so much more than just pretty shapes. I always see a story in her work. It’s what makes working with her textiles so wonderful. The fabric that went into this project was no exception. The quilt design was directly inspired by the fabric itself.

I was struck by the primitive nature of Alison’s Handcrafted line. While the line is incredibly sophisticated, the shapes used within it felt primeval to me. The way the actual fabric was created also lent to my thoughts of it having an “early” sort of feel to it.

To me, the line seems to be about discovering shape and form. It made sense to me that my quilt would communicate similar themes. So I started thinking about what shapes someone in the pre‐historic era would draw. I thought about their art and the simple forms strewn across their cave walls.  My research always seemed to bring me back to the triangle. It’s a shape used in art that dates back as far as art itself. It’s also a shape that we use today in virtually all of our quilt patterns in one form or another.I wanted to make this quilt as a sort of homage to this beautiful and diverse shape.

When deciding on a layout, I knew I wanted the triangle to feel like it was moving. Originally, the design was just a triangle made up of other triangles. But that felt a bit stagnant to me. I decided to add stripes moving upwards and outwards to give the shape a kind of radiance. I knew I wanted the focus to remain on Alison’s line. I decided to keep the stripes in Andover’s chambrays and textured solids in muted, low value shades. The combination of quilting cotton, chambray and textured solids give the quilt some depth and dimension, as well as texture. To keep movement within the triangle itself, I used a subtle spectrum. The triangle fades from purples and blues to red and orange and back to the cooler tones.


When quilting the piece, I again wanted to emulate the idea of upward mobility. The quilting within the triangle moves up, shining down from the top-most point. The stripes around the outside of the triangle also move up a simple quarter inch straight line around each of the seams. I am so grateful to have had the chance to work  on this quilt. It sparked in me a curiosity for a more contemporary approach to quilting. Lately I have been experimenting much more with negative space and bold pops of prints and colors. This quilt is most certainly responsible for my new awakening.–Giuseppe Ribaudo

See more of Giuseppe’s work on his Instagram feed, @giucy_giuce. And we hear that starting this evening (April 16 eastern time) there’s a giveaway of a tower of fat quarters of Alison Glass’s Ex Libris, plus a copy of our March-April issue featuring his quilt.
Check it out!

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.

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