Foundation Paper Piecing with Kitty Wilkin


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  1. Pixel-I think it would take Obama making love on TV to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and their first born children, at the same time, for Congress to stop drinking and dining on our dollars long enough to care about anything.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, it was originally this way to work around a bug in SlimDX where it was expecting the Rectangle structure to be the same as the native RECT structure. I did notice this was fixed in a more recent release of SlimDX but fixing this here slipped my mind.Thanks, J

  3. Ficou lindaaa e me inspirou, porque tenho uma saia dessa! Sou super fã da loja Lalá! Além de ter peças diferentes e de super bom gosto, a loja é linda e o atendimento excelenteee! Sempre compro lá! =)Beijos!

  4. Super note comme toujours !Par contre !! Je cherche depuis tout à l'heure comment consulter les autres notes de l'auteur ayant fait la note sur la bande dessinée (lien en fin de ta note), manjari bastblog…Quelqu'un pourrait me filer le lien svp ?

  5. Terri, I got it, thank you!!!I always tell myself to think positive thoughts when I buy the roasted pork, hoping to pass some good vibes to that guy, but it hasn’t worked. I go to the other guy in Merdeka supermarket now.

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