Foundation Paper Piecing with Kitty Wilkin


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4 Responses to PHOTO 7

  1. I would really love it if you guys would add the ability to search from the watch page without leaving the watch page. Have the results come up in the playlist frame or something. Other than that, I love all of it, aside from a slight CSS error on my favorites page(the text stretches the box around each favorite instead of fitting itself to it)( firefox 3.6)Great job, guys and gals,

  2. Hallo Kristine! Toll, dass das Interview dir gefallen hat. Ich war so nervös und meinte ich, dass meine Stimme klang wie die eines Mannes. Eine Karriere als Sängerin? Gott, nein. Ich rede schon zu viel. !

  3. This whole produce box thing is really giving me a workout. And I don’t mean just lugging it from car to kitchen. I have met some vegetables and fruits in real life that I never knew existed!

  4. Debrah says:

    At last, soeomne who comes to the heart of it all

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