Introducing Jo Morton’s Carolina Collection and New Book!

May 2011 – News from Jo Morton:

Spring is “trying” to arrive, but for some reason or another we had fire in the wood burning stove this evening! 

“Carolina” will begin shipping in the next week or so — I checked with Andover today and it is in cutting and wrapping now.  My newest group features three pretty colorways:  blue/brown/dark cream; red/black/cream; and rust/black/tan.  Click Here to see the collection on Andover Fabric’s website: 


New Book — “Banner Day!”
I’m excited that we are so very close to having this book for you!  I love the projects and I know you will too.  Good news is that we ended up with a new project using “Hurrah” in a strippy setting that you will love.  Also, due to the amount of interest in my “Liberty Eagle” pattern, it will be “worth repeating” again as the book it was in is out of print. 

“Murphy” showed up to help me with this book — you know Murphy, if anything will go wrong or slow it down, well it did.  There are many hands that make the books available and it seems every one of us has had “life” interfere in one way or another, but mostly me.   So finally, we were able to send Murphy packing!!!  Hurrah!!!
Looking forward to Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City — Come see me at “Schoolhouse” — Room 255C from 12:05 to 12:35 — or in my Booth #900.

Don’t forget that Jo will be gone to Quilt Mrket — leaving Monday, May 9, returning by Tuesday evening, May 17 in time for Russ’s birthday. Have a house guest on Wednesday — back to work on Thursday, May 19.
Warm regards,
Jo Morton

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