Downton Abbey: The Schoolhouse Q&A


Downton Abbey’s head of costume production and head of set design will be joining us at our Schoolhouse in Houston this Friday. Leave a question for them in the comments for a chance to have it answered in our Q&A section.

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4 Responses to Downton Abbey: The Schoolhouse Q&A

  1. Carol Sexton says:

    I admire the costume designer for all his or her exquisite creations. So much attention to detail has been paid to every person in the DA household. How many seamstresses are utilized to create all the clothing for this series? Has it been hard to “source” all the fabrics and accessories? Did you do historical researching of the costumes and find drawings or did you create these wardrobes from your imagination?

    Please continue providing us with these luscious, delicious vignettes of history. I love it! I’m a quilter.

  2. susan says:

    I just love watching the show and I am always checking out their clothes. I went to school for sewing,so that is threason for enjoying their outfits,GREAT JOB!

  3. Melissa Feuer says:

    What original fabrics did you use for reference when researching all the new lovely ‘Donton Abbey fabrics? Where did the inspiration come from for the beautiful color ways?

  4. Susan says:

    What time and what room?

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