The Downton Abbey Collection


Andover Fabrics is delighted to announce that the first exclusive collection of licensed fabrics for Downton Abbey ® will be available to you this November. Playing on the strength of the upstairs women of Downton, our exciting premiere collection will be THE WOMEN’S COLLECTION, featuring designs chosen in collaboration with the award-winning Downton Abbey production team.


The Dowager Countess:

Bold and elegant, like the Dowager herself, this collection of fabrics is punctuated by prints and paisleys as big as her presence. The gray, purple, and black colors come straight from her wardrobe, and the patterns speak to her undeniable flair, steeped in refined tradition.

Download her Mood Board
Download her Fabric Patterns and Character Images



A resolute, breathtaking beauty; Mary’s fabrics showcase both her strength and style. Dark burgundy, blue, and green jewel tones saturate her patterns, some of which are inspired by her stunning headdress.

Download her Mood Board
Download her Fabric Patterns and Character Images



Enterprising and avant-garde both in character and fashion, Edith’s collection features breakthrough colors and patterns from the Edwardian era. Edith’s fabrics suggest the transition towards art deco, as demonstrated by her stylized floral patterns.

Download her Mood Board
Download her Fabric Patterns and Character Images

DA_Sr3_20032012_JB 012


Sybil’s fabric collection embodies her kindness, cheer, and dynamic character.  The production team felt the bold geometric and large floral really spoke of Sybil.  Her colors are a darker seafoam and blue gray with mauve purples.

Download her Mood Board
Download her Fabric Patterns and Character Images

Companion Prints:

In addition to the women’s fabric collections, we’ve also included four additional patterns that are unmistakably Downton. Each companion print is colored to complement and tie together the women’s collections, and set the scene for their characters, just as Downton Abbey does.

Download the Mood Board
Download the Fabric Patterns

These images can only be used for the promotion and sale of this Andover Fabrics Downton Abbey collection. 
Downton™ and Downton Abbey®. ©2013
Carnival Film & Television Limited. All Rights Reserved.


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10 Responses to The Downton Abbey Collection

  1. Such beautiful fabric designs. Rarely are there cottons from this time period. I am already in the design process, creative juices running wild!

  2. Cathy says:

    Oh yes! One of everything please! I love each line, but I think Mary and The Dowager’s are my faves!
    Is there anyway you could possibly add a follow by email option for the blog. I’m not seeing any way to follow it. Thank you!

    Cathy 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see these fabrics for real–the mood boards are wonderful!!

  4. Jackie R. says:

    How fascinating and lovely! Looking forward to seeing this line in the stores 🙂

  5. Can’t remember the id# but liked Edith’s light hearted fabric. The Dowger’s lace & paselys were very pretty. Can hardly wait.

  6. Really admire Mary’s red. but would like to see all.

  7. I LOVED ! I am from Brazil, São Paulo and I am a big fan of this lovely serie.
    O f course that will buy it! Wonderful !

  8. Jackie Moore says:

    Edith and Mary lines are stunning!

  9. Melanie says:

    But there is nothing for Cora???? Interesting…!

  10. marsha evans says:

    One of each, please! Love them all.

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