Inspiration Behind Our Enchantment Collection


The Enchantment Collection celebrates the beauty of leaves, vines, fiddlehead ferns, and lots of dots and spirals –with silver and gold metallic accents. Your creative juices will flow like the river running through my fantasy enchanted forest! It all started one snowy Sunday afternoon last January, as I was watching an old Tom Cruise/ Mia Sara movie called “Legend” …I can’t recall what the movie is really about…but there was a great visual that left me breathless. Picture this: Its sometime around 2 PM on a bright sunny spring afternoon in the forest, by a stream and a field….and the dandelions have started sending out their puffy seeds floating on a light breeze. The trees are bursting into full leaf with pollen and tree blossoms floating everywhere. The sun hits all of these floaters from behind creating a magical and enchanted forest environment. (and, I’m assuming, a very bad allergic reaction!) And then there’s the young Tom Cruise and Mia Sara for decoration!

I wanted to re-create this vision at three different times of day…the first two colorways are influenced by the sun…”Morning Light” (pale grey, white, yellow and metallic gold) and “Sunset” colors (sunset orange, pale orange, hot pink, orchid and magenta, with metallic gold) abound and come close to the film image I remember seeing in “Legend.” The “Midnight” colorway (dusky purple, celadon, shadowy blue-ish purple, cream and metallic silver) is lit by the full Moon, and I think has become(for me anyway) the most enchanted of all of the color groups. You’ll see this scene in the Midnight Enchantment Quilt.

-Lonni Rossi

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  2. Linda Cartwright says:

    These fabrics are wonderful!

  3. Linda Cartwright says:

    WOW! Those fabrics are beautiful! Can’t wait to see them in a quilt!

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