Bags for Every Use: Guest Post from Annie at

Greetings from Annie at! I am the creator of ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable and also write patterns for useful bags and sell hardware and zippers to finish your creations. You can find me on Facebook at Patterns by Annie and or at my website,

In preparation for Spring Market, I needed to make lots of samples of new patterns. Luckily, with all the beautiful fabrics from Andover, it wasn’t hard for inspiration to strike!

First off is the too-cute Forest Friends by Makower UK. Foxes and other woodland creatures are all the rage right now, and this fabric fit in perfectly with my outdoor-themed patterns. Potluck Pals offers a sheltered container for taking casseroles and pies to your next potluck. These carriers keep a 9″ x 13″ casserole pan or 10″ pie handy, fresh, and secure.  Features include an easy-to-grab handle, zippered enclosures, and interior mesh pockets for holding ice packs or serving utensils.


Picnic in the Park holds everything you need for a picnic. The lid zips open fully for easy access to the interior. An abundance of mesh and slip pockets keep everything organized. Picnic in the Park is extra roomy to hold plates, cups, utensils, a tablecloth, beverages, food and more.


Doesn’t that fun tree fabric just make you want to run to a park and climb a tree?


When I got to a big quilt show in Portland last summer without the key to my cash box or my Square readers, I knew that my next sewing project needed to be an all-in-one-place organizer for cords, chargers, iPad, cash box key, scanner, and other electronic gear.

 Now traveling with electronics is easy with my new Power Trip! This handy organizer features an outer pocket (a perfect spot for that cash box key!) and easy-grab padded handle. Inside are zippered pockets and divided mesh pockets on both sides. Ex Libris by Alison Glass really makes this bag pop.


Perhaps the most beautiful way the ExLibris fabric was used was in this Daytripper 2.0. I love how the simplicity of the bag showcases this beautiful focus fabric. Daytripper 2.0 is a cinch to make, too, making it a quick and easy project for a beginner.


Thanks for reading along! Now, which bag is your favorite?

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Introducing: Little House On The Prairie

lh_logo_04Please SHARE the news: Little House on the Prairie is coming to Andover Fabrics!

Stay tuned to see the premier Little House on the Prairie collection, featuring designs inspired by illustrations from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s novels, florals of the time period, and the TV series, which became a touchstone of our American identity.

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Up With Giuseppe Ribaudo – As Seen On Generation Q

UP-GR-Andover-booth-460x613Sometimes while we’re strolling the aisles of Quilt Market, a quilt captures our attention that we.just.must.have. And it’s even sweeter when we can leave Quilt Market with said quilt. Walking by the Andover booth at Fall Market 2014, this quilt said, “take me home, c’mon I double dog dare ya!”Up, designed and made by Giuseppe Ribaudo is that quilt.

Here it is pictured in the Andover Fabrics booth among other quilts, totes and bags made with Alison Glass’ Handcrafted line. (Sorry, Q-bies, we have the pattern for Up in our March-April issue, but not all the rest of this gorgeousness).

Because we’re a bit nosy, we asked Guiseppe to tell us a little bit about his design process. Here’s what he shared:


The prints in Alison Glass’ work are so much more than just pretty shapes. I always see a story in her work. It’s what makes working with her textiles so wonderful. The fabric that went into this project was no exception. The quilt design was directly inspired by the fabric itself.

I was struck by the primitive nature of Alison’s Handcrafted line. While the line is incredibly sophisticated, the shapes used within it felt primeval to me. The way the actual fabric was created also lent to my thoughts of it having an “early” sort of feel to it.

To me, the line seems to be about discovering shape and form. It made sense to me that my quilt would communicate similar themes. So I started thinking about what shapes someone in the pre‐historic era would draw. I thought about their art and the simple forms strewn across their cave walls.  My research always seemed to bring me back to the triangle. It’s a shape used in art that dates back as far as art itself. It’s also a shape that we use today in virtually all of our quilt patterns in one form or another.I wanted to make this quilt as a sort of homage to this beautiful and diverse shape.

When deciding on a layout, I knew I wanted the triangle to feel like it was moving. Originally, the design was just a triangle made up of other triangles. But that felt a bit stagnant to me. I decided to add stripes moving upwards and outwards to give the shape a kind of radiance. I knew I wanted the focus to remain on Alison’s line. I decided to keep the stripes in Andover’s chambrays and textured solids in muted, low value shades. The combination of quilting cotton, chambray and textured solids give the quilt some depth and dimension, as well as texture. To keep movement within the triangle itself, I used a subtle spectrum. The triangle fades from purples and blues to red and orange and back to the cooler tones.


When quilting the piece, I again wanted to emulate the idea of upward mobility. The quilting within the triangle moves up, shining down from the top-most point. The stripes around the outside of the triangle also move up a simple quarter inch straight line around each of the seams. I am so grateful to have had the chance to work  on this quilt. It sparked in me a curiosity for a more contemporary approach to quilting. Lately I have been experimenting much more with negative space and bold pops of prints and colors. This quilt is most certainly responsible for my new awakening.–Giuseppe Ribaudo

See more of Giuseppe’s work on his Instagram feed, @giucy_giuce. And we hear that starting this evening (April 16 eastern time) there’s a giveaway of a tower of fat quarters of Alison Glass’s Ex Libris, plus a copy of our March-April issue featuring his quilt.
Check it out!

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.

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The AlisonG4 Hobo and Lorelai Skirt: A Guest Post By Cheryl of Paradiso Designs


Hi there! I am Cheryl Kuczek of Paradiso Designs. I love to design edgy eclectic clothing and handbags that are fashion trend setters with a bohemian twist. My company mission is to offer solid construction methods with my patterns that inspire the home sewist to make fun & cool garments that really do fit. My Paradiso construction methods also allow the handbags to look fabulous for a long time.


I had a blast making my 2 newest patterns, The AlisonG4 Hobo, and the Lorelai Skirt Formula out of “Handcrafted” by Alison Glass. Handcrafted is one of the most stunning fabric collections that I have worked with in a long time. It inspired the patchwork inset on the Lorelai Maxi Skirt, because all the different fabric designs and colors work so well together, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Any Paradiso clothing pattern with the word formula in the title means that the pattern is cut based on your measurements, and the patterns work for plus sizes too!! My Paradiso handbag patterns have designer touches to them with strong hardware & pleather straps. I developed the techniques to sew the pleather into straps, and you can reference my pleather techniques on my blog under the “Gospel of Pleather” tutorials that covers 4 techniques to use and sew pleather in my patterns or in your own handbag designs. And Paradiso has Hardware Kits & Pleather Kits to accompany the handbag patterns!!


And because I want you to have complete sewing success when sewing with Paradiso Patterns, please feel free to contact me with any questions at

Happy Sewing!
instagram = @cherylofparadiso
twitter = @asewingdiva
Paradiso Designs on facebook

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Handcrafted Weekender Bag: A Guest Post By Erin Of Diedel*Bug Handmade


Hi, It’s Erin from Diedel*Bug Handmade again. I’m BAAAACCCKK! Oh wait, did that sound a little creepy? Haha! Well, I am the one that made the Chillingsworth Body bags last year. I’m back at it again only this time a little less creepy, just a little. I make custom made handbags. if you’ve never checked me out on Facebook, swing on over and say hi at


I received an awesome request for a Stella weekender Bag in the amazingly gorgeous Alison Glass Handcrafted line, but with a little twist. For the exterior I used the PLUS in lagoon. It’s a beautiful greenish teal blue hence the color name lagoon, with canary and mustard yellow plus accents.


Now Stella is anything but small. I think it should really be called the LONG weekender. Literally you could pack a three year old boy in it, mine just happened to try to stow away in his Gramma’s. It is quite the behemoth of a bag with 100+ pieces just to cut out, let alone sew. That being said it was the perfect bag to display the delicious fabric of the Handcrafted line. I choose the delightful yellow handles and accents to bring out the colors of the plus design in the fabric for the exterior. Now here comes the twist! The interior is lined with, wait for it! Chillingsworth Dictionary in cream.


The recipient is a scorpio so the scorpions in the print were of extra special meaning to her. And hey I can never pass up having a few skeletons in the bag 🙂

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Handcrafted for Quilt Market + A Giveaway: A Guest Post by Jenn of A Jennuine Life

I am giddy with excitement to share something fun I’ve been working on!  I got the chance to play with some wonderful fabrics from Andover Fabrics to display at the International Quilt Market in Houston October 25-27.


Rewind several months, and you may remember that this summer I went on a trip to NYC to meet up with some of my sewing blogger/designer friends and shop around the garment district.  I still owe a post on that trip – it was so amazing!  While we were there, we got to visit the offices of Andover Fabrics on Broadway and meet with several lovely people and fawn over fabulous fabrics!


We got to see this new line of fabrics from Alison Glass called Handcrafted and all of us were threatening to take the production samples home in our bags!  It’s a modern take on batik and the colors are just amazing!  Alison gave a nice overview of the inspiration for the different designs and the backstory of the line on her blog.


Needless to say, I literally jumped at the chance to sew something for the Andover booth.  Not only will my design and work be on display for thousands of people at market, but I got to be one of the first to sew with these amazing fabrics!

I decided to sew a design I’ve been working on for almost a year.  It’s been evolving over time, and you may remember theversion I made in linen this summer.  I’ve removed the center front seam from that version and changed up the construction just a little and I’m so pleased with how my vision is coming to life!  Only one problem… I just discovered that there’s already a lovely pattern with essentially an identical fold-back collar.  So, I’ll ponder that and see if I can change up my design a little to better differentiate them before offering a sewing pattern under Jennuine Design!


The dress has no closures and a comfy elastic back that’s formed from a self-casing made by sewing a line just below where the skirt and underskirt attach to the fully-lined bodice.  This way there’s no exposed elastic, and no extra work to install a separate casing.  This was one of those construction methods that I dreamed up and it sewed exactly as I had hoped!


For this version to showcase the fabrics I used two different fabrics from the Handcrafted line.  The outer fabric is ‘Petal’ in Eggplant and is this amazingly saturated shade of purple and the flower print is scattered becoming more dense along the borders.  The center of the panel has no design, and I used this area for the bodice so it gradually builds as you approach the hemline.  The lining is called ‘Bouquet’ in Ruby and is is an all-over design that looks like spatters, which really shows off the contrast of the colors.


To really play up the “handcrafted” nature of these fabrics and to highlight the fold-back collar detail, I handstitched a pick stitch, or I guess really a running stitch along the neckline with chartreuse perle cotton.  I love adding little details like this and I think for this dress in particular it is the exact right finishing touch.


Arden and I took advantage of one the last warm days of Autumn and the little strip of woods along a creek in my brother’s back yard.  Doesn’t she look like a woodland nymph with the rich colors and the fall backdrop?

Unity-Dress-7So if you’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking with me!  And if you happen to be lucky enough to attend Quilt Market in person, I’d love to hear about it as well as whether you spot my little dress in Andover’s booth!


And now how ’bout that giveaway I hinted at in the title?  Andover is offering one happy reader a chance to get your own Handcrafted to enjoy!  Three one-yard cuts from the Handcrafted line are yours if you are chosen by the wonders of the Rafflecopter widget here!

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Meet New Andover Designer: Greta Songe

BIO PIC GRETA SONGEGreta Songe is a native of South Louisiana, but has lived in Coralville, Iowa for quite a while now. Most of her design work is strongly rooted in the handmade with most work beginning as paper cuts, prints, or ink drawings. She loves the happy accidents and textures that come along with that method of working. Also, she is a compulsive doodler with the edges of any notebook that she takes into a meeting and many scraps of paper around the house filled with with lots and lots of characters and design doodles!

When she’s not sewing or making designs, she loves to cook, bike, swim, and garden. Some of her best ideas have come from when she’s been out on a ride or spending time outdoors.

To view her work, visit

new housesIII

Stay tuned to see her first collection, Flower House, later this week.

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The Generosity Of Quilters: A Guest Post By Tina Guthmann


Hi, I’m Tina, a software developer by day and a quilter, textile designer, and pattern designer at all other times.  My new website is ModGeometry and you can find me on Instagram at @sashikostyle. This spring I had the privilege of having two of my quilts in the Andover booth at Spring Market in Pittsburgh.  It happened only with the help of quilters that I had not previously met.  This story is a testament to the generosity of quilters.

I am a Pearl Bracelets fan from way back so I there was no question I was going to get the Pearl Bracelets tonals once they came out.  I spent hours trying to come up with a design. I wanted to use all the colors fairly evenly.  Because of the numbers of fabrics and how they
matched up, I knew it that the quilt had to be based on hexagons. Since I have already made a hexagon quilt using Pearl Bracelets, called PB-Complete, I made the hexagons in this quilt using triangles.


I was on the West Coast when Daryl of Andover Fabrics saw my Instagram teasers of my quilt.  She asked if I could send her the quilt in time for Spring Market in Pittsburgh.  Of course I said yes, even though I had not started sewing the quilt!  Once I got back home, I had to make a trip to Vermont and then I was off to New Orleans for a work conference. How in the world was I going to get this quilt sewn and quilted?

PB tonalsI was fortunate in that I didn’t have to stay over in Vermont on Friday.  That left me all day Saturday to work on the quilt.  I started sewing Saturday morning and was done sometime in the evening. When I started to sew the quilt back, which I planned just to piece together in squares, my husband suggested I mimic the front by piecing it into six large triangles.  I said, “You realize this is going to add hours to my project.”  He understood and promptly got out his pencil, straight edge and construction paper and with some trigonometry we created the pattern pieces.  By the time I finished that and the binding and sleeve it was 4 am.  I had to get up at 7 am for a 9 o’clock flight to New Orleans.

Pb Prism

Next problem.  How was I going to get this quilted?  I searched online and found a New Orleans quilt store, Mes Amis Quilt Shop.  I called and asked if they had a long arm to rent. Denise, the owner, said they didn’t.  I asked if she knew a quilter and she suggested Cindy Braiwick of CeCe Quilts.  So, I called Cindy and she agreed to quilt it for me.  I planned to take a taxi from the airport to her home.  I packed my hand quilting supplies just in case this wasn’t going to work out.  I have yet to hand quilt, however, but I was willing to give it a try.

Cindy sent me an email that I got just before I left Boston.  She and her friend Patty offered to pick me up at the airport, take me to Cindy’s house to discuss the quilt and back to my hotel.  I was so surprised by their generosity.  When I got to New Orleans, they asked me if I wanted to go out to eat!  We had a nice lunch, discussed the quilting at Cindy’s house and even went quilt magazine shopping at a few places before they dropped me off at my hotel.  We had just met and were already old friends!

8310831465_44032260c3_kThe following Tuesday Cindy returned my quilt and I loved her work! She came and got me at my hotel and took me over to Denise’s shop so that I could sew the binding on. Denise’s shop closed at 4:30 but we didn’t get there until almost 4:30 due to traffic. Denise graciously waited while I sewed that binding on.  It was my first time doing 120 degree angles.  I had so carefully preserved my points when I was sewing the quilt top and had all but forgotten about them when I sewed the binding on — I was so nervous because I was keeping Denise waiting.

PB sneak peak 2

I had two days to bind it.  I had previously asked a friend of mine to join me in New Orleans after the conference.  We had site-seeing planned so I couldn’t very well spend the days sewing the binding on, so I worked on it late for two nights.  One day, I took it with me during our tour bus ride through New Orleans.  Yes, I was tour bus binding! I didn’t bring scissors so I had to cut the binding with a nail clipper, when I was joining it!  These were serious “MacGyver” and “make it work” moments!

Well, it was all worth it because I sent my Prism and my PB-Complete quilts off to Pittsburgh and they reached Daryl in time for her sales presentation and were in the Andover booth!  I am forever indebted to Cindy, Patty and Denise for helping me out in a bind.  I am always amazed by the generosity of quilters.  You can always ask a quilter to
help you when you’re in need and she’ll do whatever she can to help you.  It’s such an amazing community that I am so proud to be a part of!

Pearl Bracelets (2)

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Downton Abbey – The Lady Rose Collection

Approved Lady Rose 5These daring fabrics from our upcoming Downton Abbey collection are inspired by Lady Rose, featuring faux-knits and rich hues that were popular in the 1920s and becoming to her character. Look for these fabrics in stores this coming Fall.

View a full gallery of this collection here.

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Hand Dyes Bags: A Guest Post By Sue Pfau

My name is Sue Pfau and my pattern company is called Sweet Jane’s. I am a pattern designer. Usually I say I am a quilt pattern designer, but I have recently branched out into bags! I have been bitten by “the bag bug”. I love piecing as well, so I like to combine the two to make pieced, patchwork bags. This particular bag works great with Kim Schaefer’s Hand dyes fabrics. The rich colors and the similar tones make this fabric perfect for this bag!

Andover blog1

If you have never tried to make a bag, you should make the leap! I started making bags about 1 year ago and I really enjoy it. I try to keep my bags simple. I find myself intimidated by bags that have too many pockets and zippers, or a bag I need to buy special hardware for. My bags are quick & easy to make, and don’t require any tricky handles or snaps! I love making bags because they take less fabric than quilts, work up quicker, and make great gifts. This bag is fully lined and has one large pocket inside. No need to put in a zipper if that intimidates you! One great thing about bags is you really can customize the inside if you have experience with zippers and pockets, so keep that in mind. If you have a large stash, you can make a bunch of bags without even going to the fabric store….you have to love that! I made the bag above with scraps.

Andover blog-2Usually I quilt my bags, but I used a medium weight interfacing to line both the outer bag and lining for this one. It looks great, and it is a lot easier than quilting the bag. I wish I could make another bag in the reds, purples and orange/rust in this line, I just don’t have quite enough material in my house.

Andover blog3

These strips will have to be made into a smaller project!

I used my fabric on this extra long table runner below. You can see all of the beautiful color combinations that are possible with this line of fabric, and how great they would look made into my bag! You can make a table runner like this one using 2” strips. I just cut the strip sets into varying widths and sewed them back together.

Andover blog

If you are interested in this bag pattern, or are curious about my other patterns using precuts and fat quarters, head over to my Etsy shop for a look! I hope you are feeling inspired!


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